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Thread: Gt 40p heads

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    Default Gt 40p heads

    Will a set of gt 40p heads bolt on directly to a stock bottom end 1982 gt with out any modification

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    Yes, but you'll want headers that allow good access to the spark plugs...and you'll want to upgrade the weak valve springs...
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    Yes, but the P-heads do have their quirks. As bwguardian mentioned the plugs. I *think you need P-specific headers? Or is it a swap to 90* plug boots instead of the 120*?
    Never used them.
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    Somebody recently posted some stuff saying it wasn't so hard to find gtp headers these days. Great heads though.
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    $90 shorty headers work fine on my " P " heads... You will need a specialty spark plug socket though... I found one on Trick Flows website ( I think it was for LS engines) that works well......

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    I’ve been gathering parts over winter and these are next for the 83. Can someone tell me
    How much are p heads and headers worth? In hp terms, stock flat tappet cam,old performer intake, avs2.
    The parts can be had on eBay for about 375 or so. Not locally at all for me.
    Ideally an explorer motor but that’s if it pops up for sale but not likely soon. I’m looking to get 300hp when It’s done and said. Not a race car just a fun daily.

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    I've always heard they're worth about 30hp give or take over E7s. Mostly from improved flow and slightly higher compression ratio. Probably should upgrade the valve springs.

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    300hp shouldn't be too difficult with 'P' heads.

    My 98' Explorer motor is roughly 325hp/375tq with 170k miles, stock untouched heads and stock HO cam. Great weekend cruiser setup. Bulletproof and cheap.

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