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    Default 82-84 GT or 84 SVO dual tip exhaust needed

    Anyone know where I might find the dual chrome tip? I looked at the suppliers that I know of and am coming up empty. Stingerís supplier was killed by covid. Canít seem to find any at salvage yards and am batting zero. If they are now made of unobtanium, would anyone be interested in taking a few pics and providing some dimensions so I could fab up a set?

    My 84 SVO came with the single tip when I bought it last fall and am trying to get it back to a near stock condition.

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    Stinger was gone before COVID. I tried to get their tip back in 2016 and it was no go. I ended up with an 'almost' tip people mentioned here I think, but it was not even close. If I were you, I would try to have one custom made to the exact specs. If you can find them.
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    Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates and strut tower brace, 3.73 rear.
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    Message me. I have a new twin tip I may part with.
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    PM sent

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