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    Default 1982 GT Enduro DSO

    1982 GT Enduro DSO (M81 McLaren Mustang Dealer Special Order). This car was built by Fremont Ford in 1982 from the extremely rare M81 DSO kit. Based on an 82 GT. Basically a McLaren Mustang with a 5.0. Itís a work in progress. Recently gutted and reupholstered the interior. Stewart Warner Stage III gauges and roll bar came with the car, but not installed. Mechanical upgrades/swaps next.

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    WOW, that's nice!
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    Always loved that Recaro pattern.

    The car looks great!
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    Thanks guys.
    Here's another look at the interior... before and after.
    Recaro IS.N seats that came with it. Sourced the Recaro headrests from Thailand.
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    That was a big difference. Looks a lot better.

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    Thanks Kendal. Appreciated.

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    So these count as part of the M81 production? How many were converted to Enduro?

    Ok, so I read the original post incorrectly. I assumed DSO ordered meant it was delivered as a M81 car then converted. I see now it was a kit delivered as the DSO. Never heard it called the before. I wonder if this has been done with other kits.
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    Not counted as one of the 10 McLarens built, but it was part of the short-lived M81 program.
    Hereís a breakdown I made for my @m81_foxbody IG page.
    If anyone has more production info or known locations of ďlostĒ cars, please let me know as Iím always updating.
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    And a couple excerpts on DSOs from 1980 MotorTrend and AutoWeek articles on the m81 program.
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    Love when source material for the period pops up. Wonder how these DSO pieces would look on the other foxcars they mentioned in the second picture. Widebody done right is never cheap, but damn if it isn't the coolest way to disguise wider tires at all four corners. The Recaro bucket seats and the woodgrain veneers in the interior are nice touches. Wishing you the best with the build, from one DSO/M81 fan to another!
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    I know of a couple Capris that were fitted with the M81 kit, but that’s it. It’s funny seeing how they planned on producing 5000 kits for 1981. Best estimate is around 20.

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    Love seeing these cars reappear. Love the fact it will see car shows and the road again. I hope to find another 4 eyed car someday.

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