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    Quote Originally Posted by ITdude87 View Post
    I don't think SSL was to blame though it would be nice to have. It was something on the server/database side. Just a strong hunch.

    They haven't even re-directed the old URL to the new one, so who knows how many members are still in the dark and don't know it's back up with the whole php vs index thing. This is a super easy fix but I'm just talking in the wind too.

    If I hadn't decided to join Facebook to get on the FEP group there (woof), I would still be trying to access the forum with the link/URL I had been using for years, which still doesn't work, and I wouldn't have any idea.


    I've hated computers since before there was a World Wide Web. The only thing keeping me proficient in computers is my ability to type. My late friend, who was like Bill Gates smart, said; "http" is weak, while "https" is strong. Whenever he'd say something about the subject that I hate most; Computers, I'd lock it away.

    Now, there were two people who formed this site in 2002, Mike Croke, and a woman named EVYLGT. Maybe it was cheaper to just do "http" for them not sure. Grateful the site is back however.

    I've said this before, but if you want to be creeped-out, view; 1982-1993 Mustang GT registry; it was essentially the precursor to FEP. I went there once and there was only ONE GUEST in 16 months. As long as a dozen or so folks log into FEP daily, this site shall survive
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