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    Default New guy from Canada

    Hey all my name is Daniel. Iím from Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. I recently purchased a 1985 DECH Mustang Cobra GT. The car was owned by my very good friend who passed away and I was given the chance to buy it from his family. I havenít really got to give the car a good going over as itís in storage but I am excited to in the spring. I have been able to track down every owner itís had since it was on the showroom floor. I was able to got the full history and provenance on the car. Being able to prove it is an early DECH car is amazing cause I thought it would be almost impossible to do. I plan on doing a build thread so stay tuned in the next few months to hear all about its history and progress I make on Name:  3E3DA983-1433-4EA5-BAEA-FE543707A820.jpeg
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    Hi Daniel, welcome to the site. Look forward to hearing you plans and following your build.

    1985 Mustang GT - Build Thread
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    Daniel , welcome from the west coast of Canada .

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    Hi Daniel, welcome from Ontario. I am looking forward to see your build.

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    Welcome and glad you decided to join up. Iím the guy from that Facebook group that recommended you to check out the site. Looking forward to seeing more of your fox and and your plans for the build.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome all. Sask84gt I knew I’d eventually get over here eventually. I love forums, it’s unfortunate that they are disappearing cause they are a wealth of information. This is where I found the for sale ad for my car back in 2014. It’s where Rob did a little build thread in the car. It’s also where I learned the Drs name who was the first owner of the car.

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    Lots of great knowledge here. Welcome!
    Look up Chris of The Infamous Project. He is on Instagram and You Tube. He was friends with Derek Hanson of DECH. Chris owns quite a few DECH Cars.
    Chris is from around the Barrie area in Ontario.

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    Welcome to the site. Great looking car. Sorry about your friend. Looking forward to seeing the build.

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    Welcome! Another Daniel from Canada with a four eye, already off to a great start! lol

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Nice car!

    I saw similar in this thread. Is this the same car? I think it may be. If this was your friends car, I am sorry for your loss. It looks in good hands if you are joining forums. You could add posts to that thread or start another of your own.
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    I think this is my favorite car on the site right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by BLUECRAPI
    This is the best thread on the internet.
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