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    Default 1986 T-Bird 5 lug swap

    I have an 86 T-bird V-6 auto 7.5 rear. I went to pick and pull got everything from the rear of a 1996 V-6 mustang. When I put it all together everything bolted right up till I got to the axles. First the axles would not go in all the way because they step up where seal rides. I removed the seal to continue test fitting and with the axle in place it's off by .750". When I went back and made some measurements to get the rotors centered in the brackets I need .750". It looks like I need 99-04 axles for this set up. I just ordered new ones from Rock auto wish me luck. Any info would helpful.

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    The 86-88 Tbird/Cougar 7.5 is wider than all of the Fox and 94-98 housings.

    The 99-04 housing is a similar width to that 7.5, but the axles are each 3/4" longer, thus the axles you ordered from RA will not work.

    If you're keeping the 7.5, why not just use the whole 96 V6 axle, housing and all? The overall width flange to flange is the same as what you have and you can use the disc brakes?
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    If you are saying the 86-88 is wider than the 94-98 from which I got the axles and the 99-04 is similar in length why won't the 99-04 work? When I move the axle that is to short out to center the rotor where it needs to be and measure it's almost exactly .750 that it need. I'm not sure what I'm missing if I'm incorrect in my measurements.

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    Look at the chart I linked on your post on the other forum.

    The measurements are close, but not identical.

    I was in a rush when I replied earlier, but you MAY be able to make it work. However, your wheels are going to sit 3/4" further out on each side.

    Using the 94-98 stuff, complete, would have kept your track width the same as what you have now.
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    **UPDATE** 99-04 mustang axles work with the 94-98 mustang rear brakes. It puts everything in the correct location but does move the track width out .75" per side 1.5" overall. I was able to use the 94-98 Mustang axles which are shorter by doing what was done in this Fox Mustang swap. I had to have the seal surface of the axles turned on a lathe down to the same as the bearing surface. Coolcats does show a larger seal instead of machining but my axle seal surface looked like it would tear up a seal. I have everything back together now just need to make hard lines and figure out E-brake cables. I might try to modify the 86 non TC cables on my car or last resort get TC brake cables.

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