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    Is there anyone who would have an answer regarding floor pan manual transmission humps... I have an early 83 build date of 9/1982 according to the door tag. Anyway the buck tag shows MOD on the 4th row down, 4 spd manual overdrive. Im in the process of patching a few spots in the floor, and realized it was missing the hump, did the 4 spd cars not get them? The P.O. put a t5 in the car and its definitely tight on space in the shifter area doesn't bother me any just curious
    Any help is appreciated!

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    4 speed cars did not have the hump in the transmission floor. The T5 cars did have the hump due to the change in the lower shifter boot. The hump is not an absolute necessity. You can run a T5 without the hump, but if you want to run the lower OEM shifter boot, then the hump is the way to go IMHO. Good Luck!

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    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!

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    I just bought a hump kit for my car last month.
    You do not have to run it, but in my case it forces my T5 to sit about 1" lower without it, necessitating a custom trans mount. The lower boot ring screws did not allow my T5 to sit as high in the tunnel as it should.
    Mine was a factory 4-speed car.

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