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    Default 1979 Mercury Capri

    I am looking for a 1979 Mercury Capri. My first car was a 5.0L automatic with the red ghia interior and white exterior. I am looking for the same thing or close to it.

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    I'm a little far, but I have a '79 Capri I might be willing to sell. Medium Chestnut, 2.3L auto. Original, mostly untouched survivor. Edgewood, MD, USA.
    Jim DeAngelis
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    '83 GT hatch, currently under the knife
    '79 Capri 2.3L n/a, Medium Copper metallic, survivor
    (bought from MRausch82)

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    Foureyed81 your OP says looking for same as what you had or close. Does car have to have a 302 5 L ? What is your ideal engine and trans ?

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