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    Default QUESTION: 1984 Mustang 4180C Holley Carburetor

    I have a very original 1984 Mustang with 85k miles.

    When I got this car, it had its original Holley 4180C carburetor. The car was hard to start. Had to pump the accelerator about 20 times if the car sat for a few days.

    I had the 4180C overhauled but the hard starting was still there. The shop that did the overhaul of the carburetor finally determined that the metering block had a leak.

    My car ran just fine after the 4180C overhaul, but I did not like having to pump the accelerator ten or twelve times to start my car after it had been sitting.

    I finally decided to replace the carburetor in my car with a new Holley 4160. My Mustang now starts instantly regardless of how long it sits.

    1. What is the value of my original Holley 4180C?
    2. Is there a plus to keep the original Holley 4180C so that it can stay with my Mustang when the day comes that I sell my Mustang?

    Attached are some pictures of the 4180C carburetor.
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