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    Default Project "MERCULES" Z7 Street/Strip Build

    I'm new here and thought I would use this post to introduce myself. I've been searching for a Fairmont for a long time, I've been a fan of them ever since my dad built a wagon when I was a kid. Typically I've only really worked on Japanese cars and this is my first time building anything drag race oriented, so bear with me!

    I had a 4 door that I was getting ready to build when a smoking deal came up on this car, and It had a ton of parts I had intended to buy anyways so I really couldnt turn it down.

    So this is what I purchased, 1983 Mercury Zephyr Z7, which I have titled "Mercules"

    It already had a ton of work done to it;
    MSD wiring
    Misimoto rad
    Tubular K member
    5 lug-converted
    JEGS drag wheels
    built 8.8 with yukon gear axles
    billet weightjacker trailing arms
    Sumped fuel tank (Dented unfortunately)
    sketchy wiring
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    The plan is to eventually do turbo EFI. So even though the car was very close to running, I figured I should start switching to EFI now instead of buttoning stuff up and then having to redo it later. purchased a FiTech complete intake stystem (manifold, TB, fuel rails, injectors) as well as a nicer vally cover.

    I didnt have a lot of faith in the 700r4 for the amount of abuse this car is going to take, So that was removed and a rebuilt th400 was purchased with a 3500 stall.

    I think Im going to keep this a (mostly) full interior car, but i started to remove the interior anyways to assess the wiring situation. the more I dug into it, the less confident I was that the car wouldn't burn down on first start up. I had hoped to have this thing on the road sooner rather than later, but im coming to terms with just doing it right the first time. The entire wiring harness is being removed and a Ron Francis Wiring harness is on the way.
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    What wiring harness are you actually using? I looked on their site and there's no F/Z-specific harness, so did you get some sort of Mustang harness or just a generic one?

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    No pictures, videos, or links to anything relating to a non-Ford engine. That is against the stance of this site.

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