I pulled my old distributor to replace it with one i replaced the PIP on. What was supposed to take an hour wound up being 4+ and still not running.
I installed the other distributor as per the haynes manual instruction, which said to set the timing pointer on the crank to about 16-18 before TDC and point the distributor to #1. Ok, the distributor cap has that position marked on it, but its not where the pics i see say it should be.

This is the pic of the distributor cap.

This is the timing and position pic i was going by.

Its right next to the screw to hold the cap on instead of the next one below that.
So after trying both positions i cant get the car to run and i think either im not doing this right or the instructions im going by arent.

1) What degree should i be rotating the crank pointer to before setting the distributor to #1? TDC, 10 btdc or 16-18 btdc?
2) i have the rotor and distributor cap type that screws on so it can only go on one way and cant see where i screwed up. So is that "1" actually #1 or is the other pic the actual #1 i should be going by?

Trying to turn over the motor it cranks but no attempt to run and randomly stops like its filled up so i dont want to break something else before i see what i doing wrong.