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    Default Need help identifying some loose connections

    Going through the engine bay and need help with these two loose connections that have nowhere to go and I don't know what they do. I reviewed the wiring diagrams and still can't seem to figure it out. Any insight would be appreciated. The pigtail connector is on the passenger side. '82 Capri RS.

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    This info comes from my 85 GT, versus your 82 Capri. So it may or may not be pertinent....

    The 1st connector looks like my carb idle solenoid connector, but the wire color doesn't match up with mine. Plus it would be on the other side of the distributor, near the front of the throttle linkage. Don't know if your year even had an idle solenoid, like my 85 with the Holley did!?

    The 2nd connector looks like the connector for a VCS (Vacuum Control Switch/Solenoid). 2 of mine are attached to a bracket mounted to the firewall, right near where your pic shows you holding the connector at. Are there 2 wires coming from 1 terminal and 1 wire from the other terminal? If so, that's another clue to me that that may be what it is. Those VCS's are part of the TAB/TAD emission plumbing. Is your emission control system still on the car?
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    Thanks for the info. Soon after I posted this I did determine the 1st connector is for the fuel bowl solenoid. Both wires were missing off the solenoid and I was able to make sense of it.

    There is two wires going into one terminal and one wire going into the other so you could be onto something. I poked around my engine bay and can't find a TAB or TAD solenoid unless I'm missing something? New to the vacuum line stuff and its like a foreign language to me. Another idea I thought of is if the connector is for the top of the a/c accumulator? My Capri came stock without A/C and I'm guessing the wiring harness between A/C and none A/C cars is the same and the connector has never been used.

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    Default good guess

    Usually a factory connector connects to something within its flexible range from the harness.
    The connector shape and wire count give clues.
    If near carb, something like a idle kicker solenoid for a/c cars.
    Good chance non a/c cars have the same harness in that area and connector is unused.

    Understanding the entire ele or vac routing language is not required nor has to be complicated.
    Its like understanding someone speaking in broken English.
    Bits and pieces may be all that is needed for enough basic understanding. The process just takes longer.
    An EVTM or wire diagram with color codes for the car is good for wire id and circuit routes.

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