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    I took the followers, lifters and camshaft out last night and found the #1 and #3 exhaust valve stem seals were messed up.

    Little hard to see #1 was ripped from its base

    And #3 looks like it was crushed and broken.

    I tried to get the valves out but i guess i need a different spring compressor because it wasnt happening with the universal ohv one i had.

    On the plus side this weekend ill head on back and get started cleaning the block and checking/chasing the bolt holes, two of the bolts had a lot of material on them when i pulled them out so i worry about them. Hopefully i wont have to put in a helicoil in them.

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    Stopped by for a little while to work on the mustang.
    Painted a few things since i didnt have much time, namely the water pump and oil cooler though i already painted the distributor hold down, air oil seperator and original thermostat housing the other day.

    Paint didnt stick to the oil cooler too good even after cleaning it beforehand and came off just putting it back in, better than it was i guess. Im not getting into painting the motor, maybe if it was out of the car but since its not forget that.
    Got almost everything there to get the head gasket job finished, now i just need to get started but i keep seeing stuff that fit the "better fix that now and not later" catagory.

    Onto other things, i tore down the old head and only found this on exhaust #3.

    I have no clue how that valve stem seal got like that, nothing on the cam, follower, spring and valve looks damaged. Exhaust #1 was also ripped up but no leaks into the combustion chamber like this one.
    I dont see any cracks anywhere but i havent cleaned it yet either, thats my next task.

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    Stopped by the ol' garage today to try and get something done to this mustang.
    Painted the new head with 2 coats and all the bolts that screw into it(im not sure if painting the bolt heads will look shnitzy, well see).

    Cleaned up the block surface some with one of those scouring pad disk things i picked up at harbor frieght. The blue ones(120grit i think) werent really cleaning it up at first and i didnt want to take any metal off so i tried to be light but i got tired of it, loaded on the brown pad and it cleaned it right up real quick.

    I want to put a straight edge on it just cause but i didnt have one there, doesnt feel distorted. Couldnt find my thread tap to finish chasing all the head bolt holes, just up and disappeared on me, so that was the end of my night since i want the paint to fully dry before handling the head and begin reassembling anything. I threw the lash adjusters into some oil to soak while i wait to start.
    Maybe if i feel up to it ill head back tomorrow and get some more done.
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    Went to the garage to put the head on, it was boiling hot in there since it was hot out today but have to get this car running. Its almost there.

    Lubed the camshaft with assembly lube(just in the bearings and such for now, ill coat the lobes later) and installed it in the head with the lash adjusters and new cam seal. I forgot to remove the oil galley plug on the passenger side of the old head and put it in the new one, i have to stop by my other garage to pick that up.

    After chasing out the headbolt threads i blew them out with compressed air, gave it a final wipedown and threw the gasket on and put the head on.

    I dipped the six sided full thread tty headbolts into the cups of oil i had the lash adjusters in and got the torque wrench and torqued them down to 51lbs and gave them about a quarter turn on the second pass. I hate using an extension when i torque bolts but my deep socket was mia.
    Poured the leftover oil all over in the head afterwards just to get something on the parts since everything was bone dry, going to drain that out and put in the break in oil i got later this weekend.

    I pulled back out the oil cooler to attempt to repaint it again and replace the old hoses with nos new ones, they were for an svo i couldnt make out what the part number for the originals were, its definately different than the new ones.

    I started to put in the new thermostat and water pump in along with the timing cover, the cover is broke where the locating tab is for the cam sprocket but as luck would have it i have a plastic welder at home and just have to remember to grab it when i go back.

    I wish i could find nos or just oem versions of those short hoses to the tubes off the water pump and thermostat. At some point down the road im going to pull those tubes out and clean those up some, real eyesores under the hood.
    For some reason the new oil pressure sender i got doesnt "fit" in the area the old one did, its the correct part but i never matched it up with the old one so i have to grab it when i grab the oil galley plug.

    While im finishing this job im brainstorming replacing the bad a/c compressor on this car, i have another hr980 compressor for a v6 car which the only difference is it has the discharge line on the side where the pressure relief valve if i can find a hose that will reach i might have working a/c also after this headjob. Hoping.

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