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    Default Driveline vibrations at high speed

    Hey, long time no post, but I've got the capri on the road with the roller 302 and t5, 8.8 rear. I'm running the stock shaft from the 4 speed and the 7.5 with the current setup.

    I'm experiencing driveline vibrations above 50 or so. It gets worse the faster you go, and the clutch in or put at any rpm does not affect it. So we are looking st output shaft of trans to tires for an issue.

    I have rebalanced the tires, the u joints don't seem obviously loose, and there's nothing blatant staring at me.

    I'm thinking it's driveline angle or the shaft is just out of balance.

    I understand the U shape angle these fox's come with, but I dont really get what's acceptable for angles and the tremec app gives you angles but does not work for non z type angles.

    So my output is around 4-4.5* down
    Driveshaft is around 3.5-4* down (it is slightly different from the angle of the output shaft)
    Pinion is around .5-0* pointed down (toward the ground)

    So we have a u shape, but what do these angles equate to?
    I have all stock everything from the control arms to the crossmember and trans mount (4speed mount on the t5).

    Any help is appreciated so I don't go pulling driveshafts for no reason and still have the angles off.
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    According to Currie, the average car crafter should strive for between 1 and 3 degrees between the tailshaft of the transmission and driveshaft, and 1 to 3 degrees between the driveshaft and pinion. Furthermore, the two angles should be nearly equal (between 1 and 3 degrees), but always opposite, with mine when i was chasing the vibration, i also replace the drive shaft to the aluminum. that and other things finaly got it.

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    Sounds like a bad u joint.
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