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    Default My recent pick up!

    1986 GT 5-Speed

    Odometer reads 34k after a few hundred mile trip back home. It's a 140MPH speedo - so I'm not sure if it's completely legit, but the condition and paperwork of the car leads me to believe it's probably pretty close!

    I'm new to the forum (after a long time) and posted in the General channel with a little backstory. Happy to be back!
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    Congrats! Car looks in really good shape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 85GTGuy View Post
    Congrats! Car looks in really good shape.
    Thanks! The paint is definitely not perfect - low light photos are doing some favors. It's got a lot of little 'chicken feet' cracking/checking in some spots and will ultimately need to be repainted to fix. If you stand back 5-6 feet it looks good though! Keeping it as original as possible for now.

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    Welcome back..... Great looking car...

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    Congrats on the purchase. It looks great!

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    WOW! That sucker is CLEAN!

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