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    Default Are We Gonna Talk About The New Mustang?

    Thanks Ford, that was really the very least you could do. After what seems like forever of Ford constantly taking a dump on its performance heritage and fans (which does continue to this day, as we know), you finally did something right. The new Mustang is a cool V8 manual 2-door car. In the articles I've read, they stress that anything and everything was on the table for consideration during the S650's development. 4-doors, electric or hybrid drivetrains, all-wheel-drive... and that they had to continuously justify NOT making it electric, since of course electrics are the future, and that's what Ford is committed to. Bill Ford and Jim Farley were “on board 100% with keeping it a real pony car”. Of course, these are the same guys who slapped a Mustang badge on the Mach-E. It was Jim Farley's idea.

    So, what then, is this new pony car an apology to the fans? It's probably supposed to be. But they haven't walked back any of the other blasphemous things they've done. The Mach-E is still a Mustang, which of course they'll point out “already outsells” the coupe. Of course it does! It's infinitely more practical! Is that supposed to be a shock?! 4-door electric Lightning? Bronco Sport? Still things.

    I personally would not have minded if they'd included a hybrid powertrain or an AWD option as long as the RWD V8 manual was still offered. Those things would make the Mustang more of a world-beater than it already is. A 4-door variant WITH A DIFFERENT NAME sounds amazing too. And I think they should have moved it to the Explorer platform. I know why they didn't do any of those things though. And it don't have nothin' to do with keeping the fans from rioting. It's the same reason the S197 had a solid rear axle. Cost cutting. And Ford doesn't really want it to be a real performance contender on the world stage because that would take attention away from the all-important TRUCKS. Hey, why not keep using the same platform, the Camaro and Challenger are going away, so there's no incentive to really up the ante. The S650 is the New Edge to the S550's SN95.

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    Just watched the Detroit Auto Show reveal.
    One subtle comment about one curtain closing and another raising.
    I believe it's a reference to 2023 demise of the Chrysler LX platform, 300. Charger, and Challenger.
    Yes 2024 is 60th anniversary, it is also a big hole in the v8 market.
    But got to love Dark Horse
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    I'm not going to consider buying a new car, so it really makes no nevermind to me.

    All that means is that ANY other car in the line that might out-perform the Mustang, no matter the drivetrain, is going to be detuned so it doesn't over-shadow it.

    It's how it's always been.
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    Yeah, the LX platform, they milked that for all it's worth didn't they? I wonder what year Mercedes actually started development on it, since as we know, back when they were merged, Mercedes gifted Chrysler a previous generation E-class platform to do something with. Who milked it longer, them with the LX or Ford with the Volvo D3? At least the LX was interesting and cool. The D3 was a yawn right from the beginning.

    I'll bet Ford is jealous of GM and Chrysler. They have precedent for killing their pony cars. They've done it before, why not do it again? Ford will be killing the Mustang (the REAL one, dammit) as soon as they think they can get away with it, like I've said before.

    All that means is that ANY other car in the line that might out-perform the Mustang, no matter the drivetrain, is going to be detuned so it doesn't over-shadow it.
    WHAT other cars?! There aren't any! I get your meaning; I just had to say it. They certainly don't offer anything with performance pretensions in the same way that say 5 years ago a Focus RS could probably keep up with or do better than a Mustang GT on a road course. A 6,000-pound brick with 0-60 in 2 seconds is just a way different animal.

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    Default a bit bigger picture around Mustang at show

    Ford says as long as enough customers want the car, they will make them.

    Here in Detroit, short live news coverage every day of the show. Buy tickets, pay to park, to see new cars? Yah right.
    September Labor Day week was always the traditional intro of new cars during the Mich State Fair until around mid 60's..
    In August, local car dealers had paper covering the showroom windows until the show. Was called Detroit Auto Show.
    Show moved downtown on the riverfront. Now called NAIAS. Moved dates from bitter cold January to now.
    Autorama always followed in March or so same location.
    Some of the weird concept cars present would best belong at the Autorama.

    No more displays of plain family cars anymore like Fairmont, regular vans, trucks. Tech, tech, tech.
    Broncos new and old 80's Bigfoot, Bigfoot 20 (electric), other monster trucks, are refreshing to see.

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    I like it, I was thinking about the new Z but the new GT is nice (but I REALLY hate the glass dash)......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Ford
    "The guys came to me and said 'we have a new Mustang' and I said 'well tell me about it,'" he told Biden.

    "It's an electric -- I said 'stop right there. We can't have an electric Mustang'" And they said 'well it also kind of looks like an SUV.' I said 'no chance we're going to call this thing a Mustang. No chance.' And they said 'why?'"

    "I said 'a Mustang has to have a V8, has to have a stick shift, has to sound good.' And the teams said 'well, would you at least drive a prototype?' and I said 'sure, but we're not calling it a Mustang.'"

    "I got in the prototype and I never had so much fun and I came back in on Monday and said 'okay guys, we can call it a Mustang'"
    Aw, I could just punch him. Why? The problem is not that it's electric. It's that it's a damn crossover!! You can make an electric Mustang; go ahead. Just don't make it a stupid family truckster!

    Regarding not a lot of people showing up. Sure, the pandemic changed things. And sure, the automaker may have skimped on the pageantry because of that, but has anyone even thought to say that maybe people don't care because they DON'T LIKE what the automakers are doing these days?! Especially in Detroit? Sure seems to be a common theme here at FEP. But no, no one is saying that. Why not?! Sales are way down. Maybe that's not just because of supply shortages.

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    Aero Fox style gauges? Thats kinda "kitchy cool". lol
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    I thought the roll out ceremony was pretentious and woke. Same with the car. A key fob that revs up the engine? I'm all set.
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    Speaking of woke, this genuinely took me by surprise...

    Surprisingly bold and intelligent. While other car companies are only too happy to toe the line "Yes! We're going all electric by tomorrow!" Farley is actually realistic that electrics are NOT the one and only future. Everyone who's said that will either be walking it back or long gone by the time those companies have to do a 180 on that. Idiots.

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    At this point I will never be able to buy a new Mustang. I just can afford $400-500 a month payments for a base no option $28k version. Besides that the last Mustang design I liked was the 05, I just do not like the new look, not sure why. Cool that Ford will keep the V8 though.
    And the Mach-E........YACK!

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    I agree....

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    I love the smells, sounds, and quirks of old cars just as much as anyone else....but...a buddy of mine has a Mach-E and it's a fantastic car for what it is. I've got another friend with a brand new Model-Y, and the Ford's build quality is so much better. Debatable that they used the Mustang name (I personally would have went with Galax-E, but I digress), but I see why they did it - recognition. 8yr/100k warranty on the battery - not bad at all. Most people don't keep and drive cars that long, and in 8-10 years time you're going to see recycling and battery costs come down dramatically. It's still the early adopter phase (See: Expensive).


    The S650 looks great. A hybrid/AWD version would have screamed, but I'm glad they kept the 2.3/5.0 around.

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    I lost interest in the new Mustang design in 2010 when they made the rear tail light panel look like it was melting off the back of the car....just didn't understand that move. After that, the '15 and up Mustang does nothing for me styling wise. I'm sure the performance is stellar but the body to me looks like someone took the last 10 yrs of Motor Trend magazines and cut out shapes from everything else on the road and and mashed them all together and stuck a Mustang script on it. The overall styling really, to me anyways, has the same profile as the 80's camaro....seriously, look at the side profile of both.

    As far as the all new factor, no thanks. I'm sick of cars just being rolling computers filled with expensive and finicky electronics and gadgets. No new car has style anymore, or stands out in traffic. You literally have to read the script to see what it even is....jellybean after jellybean is littering our highways and parking lots anymore, only being advertised by its newest gimmick.

    I'll get off my soapbox now.....lets just say: NOT A FAN
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    Not really a fan, I have a 2021 Mustang and I am more then happy with it.
    1986 SVO 1E (IRS'd and too much $$ spent making it turn, stop, and go)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclesams_SVO View Post
    Not really a fan, I have a 2021 Mustang and I am more then happy with it.
    Same, I have a 2022 and have 0 desire to "trade-up", that touchscreen dash is terrible.

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    Default finger peckers

    Hunt and peck on a typewriter, keyboard, touchscreen menu, is slow.
    I see nothing wrong with hvac slide controls. Simple quick look to operate. Dials ok too.
    What is wrong with a column shifter? A wired mouse?

    Have a big problem with boring glaring touch screens everywhere complicating doing the same tasks..
    At a much higher cost and ?? reliability down the road.
    And having to learn each one's programming menus then have to remember the drill.
    Ok for say factories that have expensive fast complex operations, but not a car or toaster oven.
    I liked my touch microwave but now blows fuses. Back to the dial timer.

    Same with batteries. They say the cost will come down. Ha who they fooling?
    Example= 18v power tools. Then 20v Then 40v. Big money for tool and batteries.
    Obsolete any old tech at will. Leave no choice. Open checkbook on design, pass all costs to consumer.
    All batteries do is eliminate the cord (tether?). But the charger has a cord.
    Why obsolete any good proven reliable low cost tech in the name of high cost of being simply convenient?
    What is next? battery op appliances? TVs? WiFi everything? Hey no 'eyesore' cords. I hope never.

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    Touchscreen Dash should be available as a Delete Option, have a Storage Compartment there instead, and save a few bucks off MSRP.

    Just learned on the news a local girl passed-away this week in a Mustang GT. Please, let's observe a moment of silence...
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