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    Default P Heads Use Same Header Gaskets As Others?

    So, I need new header gaskets for my P heads. I'd like to do copper if i can. Looking on Summit, they seem to just offer header gaskets for any SBF when you put the Explorer application in there. And no copper. But these don't seem to match say the MUSTANG header gaskets that something like LMR has. So, I'm confused. Will header gaskets meant for E7 heads work on GT40P heads or not?

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    IIRC--I used stock Explorer exhaust gaskets.

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    They should be fine. The only thing you should do is matching the openings...
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    The gaskets are the same, the plug angles and interference with primary tubes will be the challenge depending on which headers you are matching them with.

    I have been able to fit BBK Lt headers on GT40P heads, but had to use Accel shorty plugs, a few wires needed 90* boots and a cut down socket to install a couple of the plugs. Your mileage may vary.

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    Trick flow has a socket they sell that makes plug changes easier... I believe its marketed for LS engines...
    Get a set of Remflex gaskets if want a good seal and a brand that will last .......

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    Okay, cool. I've actually had these heads for years. I have the Ford Racing P headers, so no problem there, and I worked out the plug wire thing long ago. This will be my 3rd set of header gaskets I've put on. The first set were fine, but I had to swap the heads to a different short block, so the headers came off. The second set are the ones leaking. I just never knew if they were all the same. I never had like a bunch all together at one time so I could compare. Thanks, all.

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    I have had much better luck using Permatex high heat in place of the gasket and have never had a leak. Last time I did it I was repainting the heads on the engine so I had the exhaust dropped away and the headers completely removed. Less chance of a mess.
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    Haha, that's kind of too much pressure for me, using silicone. 'Better put those headers on straight the first time or you're waiting until tomorrow and starting over.

    The first set I put on were these ones that squish as you tighten them. I think the second set were too. I got them from Summit from the Explorer application list. I think I got it right the first time, and I must've gotten them crooked somehow the second time, hence the leak. Too much pressure.

    '79 Mercury Zephyr ES 5.0L GT40 EFI, T-5
    '17 Ford Focus ST
    '14 Ford Fusion SE Manual

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