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    Default Does anyone sell a 79 rubber shifter boot?

    I am curious if anyone Carrys or remakes a shifter boot for a 79/ 78 fox body. I like the old boot, now everybody runs the 83 up style. I am not sure on the years, but I know my 78, and both 79s had a rubber boot and looked like old hurst boots not like the new leather ones. Any input??

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    Default square hole or round upper boot

    i use a Mr Gasket small accordion style in the car (flat Hurst stick) and a SVO leather bag style in the truck (flat Hurst stick).
    The extra accordion folds tuck under the console plate or can be trimmed off.
    Square hole rubber vinyl ones are not hard to find nor expensive. Most have a slotted top hole for a flat stick.
    The bag style is popular with factory round stick levers. Defiantly looks better in my truck than car. Dunno why.
    Ford pickups with manual trans floor shifters used accordion boots.

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    Can you post any pictures what you are seeking ?
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