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    Default 85-86 Black interior trim paint

    Anyone recommend a good spray bomb for the black plastics in the interior?

    looking for the black that is on steering column cover plastics, center consel ashtray surround & such.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Not an aerosol and can't personally vouch for it, but I'm going to try this stuff after a friend recommended it.

    Edit: it works on plastic.
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    Picked up a vg condition Procar black vinyl driver seat from a pic-a part yard.
    Seat had what looked like white spray paint overspray dots on it but nothing bad enough to pass on.
    Main plan was to prep surface well and spray premium automotive type black paint over the damage.

    Cleaned most of the white paint dots off, then sprayed the whole seat with black mainly to cover the remaining white dots.
    Is a fair paint durability test for a repair like that.
    Wears well, dots are still gone. May have touched it up once.

    Checking my notes. apparently used Black Duplicolor TP70 trim spray paint.

    Thought i used Dupli-Color Vinyl and fabric spray, but the can i have is gloss. Seat is not glossy so did not use that.
    Whatever i used, can respray seat and not tell where once dry so is a match.

    Gloss is ok but using when it on interior trim panels, the glossy reflection does not match oem sheen.
    The gloss vinyl paint on the door panels has flaked and wore off in certain spots, unlike the paint on the seat.

    Flat type paint leaves a dull and rough finish.

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