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    Default F E P email address or phone # ?

    Does a person have to join this forum to contact FEP . Maybe i missed it i could not find an email address or a phone number on this forum to contact FEP . Looks to me like a person has to join FEP to be in contact .

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    For many years i have run an ad on a local buy and sell site . The ad says Fox body parts wanted . It must come up in searches out of province . I post my email address and cell number in this parts wanted ad . Over the years i have gotten phone calls and emails from local and out of province car scrape metal yards and car removal companies . With this ad i am aware of many Fox Body cars that were crushed , not even parted out . I only buy parts i need and unaware of the hard to find parts , then the cars got crushed . Now that i have found this forum , i am thinking its FEP that should be running these free ads . Or at least post a phone number and email address on your forum so that a car scrape metal yard does not have to be a member to inform you of a car that is heading to the crusher .
    Sounds like if i am not an active member i will be kicked out , so maybe a member that lives close to me might like to email me in case another car comes up .

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