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    It's probably bolted to a bracket at the back of it.
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    Got it out! There was some extra hardware holding it in under the ash tray bracket. Buyer backed out so the original working AM/FM cassette radio is still up for grabs, as well as the AM radio, along with all associated brackets, hardware, and wiring. But in that note, just curious, is anyone in the market to buy another one of these cars? I keep getting offers to buy the whole car, so thinking I might put out a feeler ad

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    Per the rules.

    8. No selling outside of the Classified areas.

    If you've something to offer to someone for free, or the cost of shipping, it's 'legal' to offer in the other areas. If you're dying to let someone know you have something they may want to purchase, then send them a Private Message OR an email via the board. Do NOT post an offer in a non-classified thread. Posts will be edited or removed by staff without warning.

    I missed the FS post that was made after this.
    Thanks for posting it in the proper location.
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