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    Default AOD CFI TV Linkage Bushing

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    I'm trying to find the bushing that locks the TV linkage to the throttle on my '85 GT (CFI). I tried the parts store bushing: MotorMite / Dorman / Help 74040. The clip is too big in diameter. I'm going to order one from LMR but looking at the picture on the website looks identical to the Dorman. Help me!?!? Does anyone have any insight into what the proper bushing is?

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    If you have a transmission shop near you that would be a good place to check.

    I've bought a replacement bushing for mine at a parts store but it was in the very distant past. There also used to be a brass bushing available but I haven't seen one in many years.

    You may need to get a bushing that is closest in size and modify to work while you look for the correct part.

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    I found this diagram that looks closest to the CFI/AOD setup:

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    FoMoCo 7F330 cross referenced it to another Dorman part number 74043. Ordered it through that jungle website - should be here Monday. The local parts store could order it, but wouldn't be here until mid-Aug! If this one doesn't fit I'll just turn one out of delrin and get a clip off McMaster.
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    I think 74040 is actually for the shift lever and not the TV control. Hopefully 74043 works for you. I turned one out of brass and used a hairpin clip to retain it on the Holley for my Crown Vic. I'd go with brass over Delrin, but that's just my opinion.

    The Ford part number for their brass bushing kit is F3SZ 7H303 B if you are so inclined, but it seems ridiculously expensive for what it is.

    It appears that the cable and rods both used the same bushing.
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    On my 88 5.0 I bought this.....

    Now, it says 87-93 but the nylon bushing is listed for 84-93....?

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    Dorman part number 74043 was the right one!
    Again this is for a 1985 CFI 5.0 TV Rod bushing.

    (sorry, I didn't think about taking a pic)
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    I used one similar to that metal one from LMR, but got it off of ebay.

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