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    Default Fuel Pump Hanger Question

    I recently diagnosed a fuel problem with my Zephyr. I am using an LTD wagon tank & fuel pump hanger, slightly modified to fit a 255lph Walbro fuel pump. The lines on the pump hanger are pretty small, 5/16" feed, and 1/4" return, with adaptors and 6AN lines.

    The small return line is causing fuel to load up at the rails, fouling the plugs and making setting the fuel pressure difficult and inconsistent. Seems to be hard on the pump as well. I removed the return line and put it into a gas can, and that seems to have fixed it.

    Which brings me to my dilemma:
    Pro-M makes an upgraded fuel pump hanger for Mustangs with 3/8" feed and return lines and 6AN fittings installed.

    The problem with this part is that it does not fit the LTD tank, and the Mustang tank does not seem to fit the Zephyr chassis. I don't want to start cutting up the trunk, and would like to keep the LTD tank and in-tank fuel pump arrangement.

    So i was thinking of trying to modify the stock hanger, adding 3/8" lines and fittings like the pro-m part. I have a TIG welder and can weld in new lines, but there is the plastic connector for fuel pump power/ground and the level sender. I'm afraid that might probably melt?

    Also am looking into "bulkhead fittings", drilling out the stock lines completely and adding the bulkhead fittings but have never used them on fuel and am concerned about leaks.

    Has anyone had to do anything like this, wondering if anyone has any advice on this problem? I suppose i could try to remove the plastic connector and then reattach it after welding?

    Thanks for any advice, much appreciated!
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    If you can find a bulkhead fitting with an O-Ring seal you should be able to swap out the O-Ring (probably Buna or EPDM) for a Viton O-Ring. The problem I see with bulkhead fittings (at least the ones that I am familiar with) is the hexes on them are usually fairly large. I don't know if you have room in the stock unit to mount two of them.

    Here is what I am talking about. Probably not what you need, but might help you search:
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