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    Hey guys. Has anyone installed a 6G alternator? I had a 3G and it died on me. I went with a 200amp 6G because of the smaller case since Iím running an On3 turbo kit and it sits further from the turbo than the 3G did. My issue is the 6G only gets 14v when Iím at or above 1600rpm. I have underdrive pulleyís installed and an overdrive pulley on the alternator to compensate but it doesnít help. This was never an issue with my 3G. Any ideas?

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    I don't think 200 amp 6g's were OEM. If that is an aftermarket high output deal I'd take it to a local alternator shop and let them see if there is an issue with the regulator. Ultimately that might just be all it can do if it's been reworked and combined with your pulley set up.

    Take a few measurements and then check the link below. Maybe you aren't spinning it as fast as you think?
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