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Thread: Marti report?

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    Default Marti report?

    I own a 85 Tbird, 30th anniversary edition. Low mileage. I already know itís 1 of 5000 but what other info can I get if I were to get a Marti report. Since 5000 were made and all identical except some got a sun roof would it be worth my time and expense to get a report?

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    There are different reports that are available for Thunderbirds ...

    Personalized Statistics
    Elite (includes Deluxe and Personal Stats reports, and door tag and window sticker)

    Each will give different levels of detailed info. The personal stats is the one that will get you close to or exactly to '1 of 1'.
    Axle Tag Decoder
    Buck Tag Decoder
    Door Tag Decoder
    Owner Card Decoder
    Transmission Tag Decoder
    VIN Decoder

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    I got Marti Deluxe reports for the Mustang and the Ranger.
    Window sticker for Mustang. Ranger n/a. Darn. Will keep trying.
    All worth every penny to me.
    Window sticker prices, options, dealer, and order, buck, build, sold dates on Marti is cool to know.
    Made color copies and laminated all at FedX store to keep orig safe at home, copies are carried in vehicle for show, display etc.

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