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    Default New member - '79 coupe

    Hey guys,
    I own a 79 blue coupe for about 2 years now. Replaced all controll arms, suspension, brakes, aswell as the engine. Put a '92 302 block in it ( carberated ). Now i want to go the next step and put a t5 in it. Also high on the to-do list is a dual exhaust. I figured i am going to need some advice and encouragement so what better place to come then FEP! I am from the netherlands so getting affordable parts can be a challenge but not impossible. Hope to learn alot here.

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    You have a sharp looking coupe!
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    Welcome to FEP.. Car looks good... Yes, you will get a lot of info from this forum. Good luck with your car and add some more pics if you can...

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    Nice ride. If you were closer I’d offer you my t5 i picked up last weekend for $35 at an auction in Iowa.

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    Nice coupe and color. Looks like a fun ride for the county side.

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    Nice looking car and color
    Would be happy with a automatic and shift kit for firmer shifts.
    Too much work to convert to manual.

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    LOVE those wheels!!! What brand/size are they?

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