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    Default Reinstalling Factory Radio

    Good morning to the knowledgeable people of Foureyedpride. I may be putting the cart before the Mustang but I am looking for some input. I am looking to purchase for my wife a duplicate of her first car. It was a 1983 Mustang GLX Convertible, red with a white top and interior. Unfortunately, she is insistent on an exact duplicate so it will also have a V6. I have ID'd a potential car that is in pretty good shape. However, one of my wife's wishes is to be able snap a Duran Duran tape into the cassette deck while cruising with the top down. The car I am looking at has had the radio replaced with a single DIN unit and the radio area has been cut accordingly. Assuming I can source a working original AM/FM/cassette radio, how would I repair the radio area in the dash to be able to mount it. My initial thoughts were that I could get a 3D printed replacement insert that I could then plastic weld into the area. But with a not altered car to use for a template I am not sure how I would get the dimensions correct. I appreciate your thoughts and insight.

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    Depending on how the cutout part looks, this might work.
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    Thanks for the info Red 78. That looks like it should work. I think I can source a fresh bezel for the radio from one of the resto sites. I know I have seen them on LMR or CJPonyParts or similar. I will just have to find them again.

    Now I just have to see if the guy will deal on the car. He thinks because it is an old mustang it is worth a bunch of money and has it priced like a 5.0. I have already told him that the V6 cars are not very desirable and don't bring near what the V8 cars bring.

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    I still have my original radio and the cassette player has some roller issues that I am sure age is bringing to all of them.
    Careful it doesn't eat her tape.
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    Thanks for the heads up emerygt350. I think I have seen places that will repair vintage car radios. If I get the car I am looking at the replace the radio, I will likely have the replacement serviced before installing it.

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    If you do find a place that will service your vintage radio, please share the contact information. I have a Premium Sound AM/FM/Cassette from my 85GT that needs repair and, so far, I've only been able to connect with retired technicians that no longer accept new work :-(.

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    Search Richard Blankenship out of Tennessee on Youtube, he does incredible work.
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    Thanks. I'll reach out to them.

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    If you need to repair the cut out area, I would fab a sheet of plastic to epoxy to the back side of the dash. It's pretty flat except for 4 tabs. Of course you would need a template of the factory 2 shaft opening.
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    Unfortunately, Blankenship isn't accepting any new projects at this time. Seems like those that used to work on these units have either retired, can longer find parts, or don't accept new orders. So the search continues...

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