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    Default 1983 Mustang GLX, Convertible, V6

    Good morning to the Four Eyed Pride community. My wifeís first car was a 1983 GLX, red with white top and white leather interior. It was a V6 car. We are looking to acquire a twin. I tried to talk her into a 5.0 but she is dead set on an exact match. We have located one a couple of hours away, I am in Southern Illinois. I havenít seen the car in person but from the few pictures the seller has posted it looks to be in very good condition. There is no visible rust, the paint is shiny, the interior looks pretty good and looks to be all original. I donít know if the upholstery is leather or vinyl and it does look a bit dingy. I donít have a good pic of the dash so I donít know if the dash pad is racked or if the radio area has den cut up. The odometer shows 91,000 miles. My question is about value. Assuming there are other surprises, what would this car be worth. The seller is asking $7850. Knowing the v6 is not very desirable, this seems quite high. I was thinking more in the $5500 to $6000 range. I would appreciate the thought of the community.

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    We have a member on FEP who has an '83 GLX V6 convertible in near museum-quality condition, but claims to have trouble selling it for $6500. Tread carefully. A 5.0L/5 speed would be the safer bet, but we understand. You should have a fairly easy time finding an '83 GLX V6 convertible as Ford produced over 22,000 of them. Good luck with your search. Give yourself a good three months to find the right one. Don't buy the 1st one you see unless its an exact match
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    Thank you for the response Bryan. I would really prefer a 5.0 but will accept the V6 as a compromise for now. I’ll get what my wife wants now and maybe try to use that to get me a 5.0 at some point in the future. I looked at 1 that had red interior a couple of weeks ago but, although it looked good in pictures, it needed 1 of just about everything. I am letting the one I currently have my eye on “age” a bit before contacting the seller. I am going to let it sit for another week or 2 before making contact. If all checks out, I may offer $4500 to $5000. Hopefully the guy doesn’t think he has a super collectible old car.

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    I have been watching these for the past year. I actually tried to buy one from a member here but he never came up with the title. He even complained about the lack of interest in a low mileage car.

    I agree with you price assumptions with one exception, you need to subtract any needed repairs from those prices. Upholstery, dash pad, convertible tops all get expensive to repair. The seller should not be profiting from their lack of maintenance. 5.0 prices for sale prices are up, sold prices are not keeping up as much yet.
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    Thanks for the insight KevinK. Right now, my opinions are based on a half dozen pictures. In those pictures the car looks to be in pretty good shape. However, pictures not only don't tell the whole story but sometimes outright lie. It is probably going to be a couple of weeks before I get a chance to see it in person. Only then will I decide what may be a fair price. I have a couple of questions that maybe you know the answer, since you have been looking at these cars. The car my wife's family owned from 1984 until around 1987, had white leather interior. I have read that leather was an option. Do you know if the interior was available with white vinyl? The interior in the pictures looks very dingy. I am not sure if it is just dirty or if maybe it is leather that is dried out. has replacement leather for $349 for the front seats and $349 for the back seat, $698 total. I replace the leather upholstery in my 1999 F150 Lariat with covers from and it looks and fit fantastic.

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