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    Default Garage clean out

    Getting rid of the stuff I've kept for 20 years now.
    Aftermarket Capri front air dam
    2 sets of ttop bags OEM
    Lower K member brace, New
    2 black exterior door handles
    Misc black int. Door bezels- SOLD
    Factory GT headers
    Oem 85 mph speedo (85 GT)
    1 set of t-tops
    2 single passenger side t-tops (79-86)
    1 right lower front capri air dam trim
    Cougar (capri) 10 hole center caps,4
    T5 Trans (needs rebuild)
    Drive shaft
    4 ten holes (2 were drilled for rim screws)
    4 (front) seat bolt trim covers
    Motorsport SFI flywheel
    NOS weighted clutch fork
    Factory T5 bellhousing
    Gray cargo pull shade, retract doesn't work

    Maybe more as I clean stuff out. Make me an offer, I don't even know what most of this stuff is worth.
    Located in Stamford, CT
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    Theodore J. Garbera, 1985 Mercury Capri RS

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    Located in Stamford, CT
    Theodore J. Garbera, 1985 Mercury Capri RS

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    If you were only closer to Colorado.


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    Major Body Parts Require Pics - Due to concerns with fairness about certain ads, pictures of the parts are required for the following parts:
    Bumper Covers (front and rear)
    Trunk Lids
    Quarter Panels (sheet metal, not interior)

    You may either post the images directly in the thread or link to them. Either way, pictures are required to be provided in the thread. No “email for pics” will be allowed for these parts.
    Once you have and can post pics, or links to pics, of the above major body parts, you can add or add back to your for sale list.
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    Speedo still available?

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    1 set of T-Top bags to 60060

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    It's a fire sale on all this stuff. Shoot me a message with your highest and best, and let's get it done. I'm tired of looking at it.
    Theodore J. Garbera, 1985 Mercury Capri RS

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    Got the speedo recently. Top notch. Your mailbox is full.
    Thanks much.

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    Thanks brother
    Theodore J. Garbera, 1985 Mercury Capri RS

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    PM Sent
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    How much for a set of the t top bags?

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    Bellhousing still available?
    Thx, JW

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    Is the grey cargo pull shade still available?

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    You're over your stored PM quota so I can't PM you.
    IF you still have t-top bags, will $60 buy a pair?

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