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    Default Sound deadening material??

    To those who have added sound deadening material to your Fox , did you notice a difference? There are many brands out now and prices vary some. What is the best for the money and is there truly a difference between brands? It looks like sound deadening material would be just that, sound deadening material. I plan to do this on my 85 Tbird but will do the trunk first as it seems to be the easiest due to just removing the trunk liner.
    Thanks for advice and tips .

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    I installed sound deadening in the Zephyr from the dash to behind the rear seat and used spray stuff in the doors where it was too cramped to reach in. Now the stereo sounds better and the heat from the exhaust is lessened quite a bit as well as not hearing so much road noise. Best value changes a lot, but it is well worth doing if you spend time in your car. It is a fair bit of work but you wont regret doing it.
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    I installed Eastwood's Xmat in my 82 GT when I did the resto a few years back.
    But I've yet to drive it any distance to comment.

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    Sound deadening is well worth it if done well.

    I used Raammat several years ago to do my 86, 37.5 sq ft of Butyl mat with 45 sq ft of Closed Cell Foam. The floor pan from the firewall was covered in both, the doors lightly dampened with the Butyl and CCF used on the back of the door panels. Huge difference in road noise and engine noise, the luxury car 'thud' when the doors are closed are also a nice touch.

    Pictures of it are on the thread below.

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    I put Killmat in my 84 convertible from firewall to rear seats, and inside the trunk, trying to deaden exhaust drone.

    I deadened a little but didnt stop it. However the stereo does sound better now.

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    I used dynomat on the entire floor and doors. No comparison to stock. You wouldn't want go this way on a hot rod as I added 80+ pounds to the car. But for audio it is a no brainer.

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