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    Default Vintage Ford dealership display

    Has anyone ever seen a vintage 2.3turbo engine display?? I saw one in a antique shop couple years ago.. it was a cardboard display with the front view of a 2.3 turbo engine . It was also battery operated . This was aprox 18 tall and would sit on a countertop etc.. I should have bought it! Does anyone have one?? No luck on eBay or a google search.. please let me know any info. Todd

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    I think there was an invisible engine model of it. Ford probably had some cut away props too for the auto shows.
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    This was all cardboard with a nice front view illustration and a actual fan assembly that was motorized and showed details of the new turbo engine. Was very cool and I can not find any other info on it.

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    This one?

    I bought a later 80's version non battery op hand cranked.
    New Revell 85-8882 Visible Turbo Engine 26.49 2/7/2000 Joes Hobby Farmington Mi.
    Rare early versions were battery op, had race parts, flashing spark plugs, different box.
    They are around new and nos.
    Rider's Hobby Shop by you may have one or know what the deal is.
    Fun to see on utube hobbiests mod these engine models to run at realistic rpms, especially the V8 kits.

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    It’s not a plastic model kit.. a cardboard display with a moving fan assembly and it sat in a countertop. Aprox18” tall. Was white with black lettering.

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    Anyone have any comments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacecartodd View Post
    Anyone have any comments?
    Have you tried Bob Perkins or Kevin Marti? From what I remember, they collect and display old Ford dealership signs, displays, and memorabilia. Another possibility would be Green Sales out of Ohio

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    I will today!!Thanks!!!

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