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    Default MM LCA/85 5 lug swap

    What is the technical reason that the Maximum Motorsports LCA require a coilover conversion? I picked up some SN95 Cobra rims 17 x 8 and for my 85 am heading towards the SN95 forward offset LCA with MM Kmember, Koni Oarnge struts, MM 12" 225lb SN95 coilovers and 94/5 spindles. Anything else I need to consider also like caster/camber plates?

    I'm also planning on sticking with rear drums for my Fox 8.8 swap and believe the SN95 length axles will get the track width close, is this true?

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    Stock location springs ride on a spring perch built into the LCAs. The MM LCAs don't have spring perches, so you need to run coil-overs.

    The SN95 length LCAs will push the front wheels out a bit. I'm guessing you'll need C/C plates to be able to align the car properly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BossP351 View Post
    I'm also planning on sticking with rear drums for my Fox 8.8 swap and believe the SN95 length axles will get the track width close, is this true?
    How do you plan on accounting for the width difference with the drums?

    If you use the 94-98 axles in your Fox 8.8, the axles are 3/4" longer, per side than the Fox ones. The 83-85 TBirds/Cougars used the same width axle housing as the Fox Mustangs, but used longer axles (same as the 87-88TC). If you were staying 4-lug, you could use the 83-85 Tbird rear drums.

    I don't think there is a 5-lug option with that offset, but I could be wrong (I usually dump the rear drums for disc, when I 5-lug). A long time ago, when I 5-lug swapped my '84 Cougar(same axle housing width as the Fox Mustang), to use 16" SN-95 wheels and 99+ GT front brakes, I swapped in 94-98 rear 5-lug axles into my stock housing. I stayed with drums, but I redrilled them to 5-lug and then had to open up the center bore on the lathe, because the center hub is larger on the SN-95 stuff, vs the Fox.
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    I forgot about the axle flange width, I was going to have 9" big ends welded on with drums. With the disc conversion wouldn't the calipers retain a broken axle like c - clip eliminators? may be a good reason to reconsider... I just want an easy E brake conversion. I'm considering just buying a junkyard 94-95 8.8 also.
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    Pretty sure the caliper bracket would hold things in place, but I don't have much experience in drag racing applications.
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    When i did my 5 lug swap i used fox length 5-lug axles from North race cars. I just wanted to keep the width the same as stock fox.
    Swapped to rear disc at the same time though.
    Coil overs are great, easy to adjust ride height. CC plates are good to have as well.

    Most tracks want to see either C clip eliminators, or 9-inch ends.
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    This is what I'm now considering, the link says 28 spline but it comes up 31 in the description. If I need to widen the rear track I believe wheel spacers would be a cheap option.

    Now for a FAQ, when I go with larger diameter front discs on my 85 can I get by with the addition of a proportioning valve or do I need a master cylinder and booster swap?

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    There are two different kits for the kit linked to above. Make sure you purchase the correct kit based upon your current differential.

    The kit linked to above does not increase the track width on the Fox. Essentiall they are stock Fox length axles, but setup of the 5 lug bolt pattern rather than the OEM 4 lugs. The track width will be narrower than the SN95 OEM track width. Good Luck

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