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    Default 2 eyes blind

    Went out grocery shopping this afternoon.
    Started to get dark plus light rain. Had one more stop at another strip mall.

    Noticed low beams were cutting on and off. Dash lights fine no flickering.
    All four eyes and fogs work fine with hi beams except the ps fog light is out.

    Later, left Kgr to head home.
    Car ran like crap. Would not run under 2k, missing. Vac gauge read very low.
    Had to declutch, clutch, pedal it to keep the engine alive

    Got it home.

    After 1/2 hour, found a large vac cap on the intake manifold was missing.
    Installed a spare. Instant result ok.
    The multifunction switch is only 4 years old but suspect it to be the culprit.
    Lifetime warranty time.

    Wonder if occasional run on after shutdown (am always ready to stall engine in gear) finally blew that cap off?

    Now to check the fog light ground and bulb. Happened before (bulb ground in housing).
    May have something to do with the low beams. They are connected.
    Fogs switch off when brights are turned on via wire tap to low beams.

    then add an intermittent network wire connection for internet. ok now.

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    Default car fixed itself again

    Drove to AZ hub store to pick up a new combo switch. Lifetime warrantees. Found the old receipt and box.
    Got home and pulled the column covers off to access switch for replacement.
    Pulled stalk out.
    Of course, tried one more time to see if the low beams worked before disconnecting harness.
    Dang low beams worked fine. Wiggling wires did not change things. Good.
    Was getting dark. Good time to test headlights.
    Took car for a short drive to see if road bumps would turn up an intermittent connection. Nope.
    Everything worked normally.

    With the low beams now working again, moved on to checking the pass side H3 fog bulb.
    Removed lens and checked the connections.
    Turned lights on and the fog light worked fine.

    Time 45 minutes, no cost repairs.
    These cars can be nice and simple to work on.
    Will keep new switch for awhile just in case.

    Car needs a new battery. Had to charge it for a few minutes to start car.
    Was ok rest of day as usual.
    Connected on board charger for the weekend. 33 watts

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuturaGuy
    In addition to raking leaves (a Fall tradition in New England), I've spent the last couple of days chasing down electrical problems in my Futura. A few weeks back I had a dead battery, which I recharged, and then it went dead again a few days later. The battery was seven years old, so I got a new one and before putting it in, I put an ohmmeter across the battery cables. It showed zero resistance instead of an open circuit. The engine and wiring are from a '98 Mustang Cobra, and I found at least eight circuits in the engine compartment fuse box that have either low or zero resistance. Major project ahead - take out the wire harness with the engine fuse box and check every single circuit. The car is off the road for fear of fire until I fix it.
    Update - I've narrowed it down to two wires which are shorting to ground. Need to do some further investigating. It's also possible there is a short in the relay to which the two wires are connected. In addition to the short circuit, I may have a burned-out diode in the alternator.

    The car is off the road for a while, until I get this sorted out and until the weather warms up. Wish this problem had cropped up in April instead of late October.

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    Bought a nice set of 10 holes for my GT, now for new tires.
    Andy G.
    1986 Mustang GT vert, 2R, original owner, 5 spd, 19k miles
    1986 Mustang SVO, 1C, comp prep, 3rd owner, 48k miles
    1989 Ranger GT -SOLD-
    2004 T-Bird, triple black, SST

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    I just got my 89 back from paint. It turned out nice and was pretty quick. Once I get it reassembled, I can get back to working on one of the others maybe the 84 or 74.
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    Jacked up the 85, looked at how bad the rear suspension is, made a list of stuff to order.

    I already knew it was all bad, that is why I parked it for the year a month early. Bad enough the car would try to steer itself under throttle, and when you let off.

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    Started tearing down the front suspension over the weekend on the 83. Getting a full refresh, new control arms, MM coilovers, Koni Yellows, 87+ V8 spindles and brakes, swapping the 20:1 manual rack for the 15:1 manual rack. Slow going though, the cold, damp weather is not hugely motivating this time of year.
    '83 Mustang GL notchback - 351w - T5Z
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    So after thirteen years, tomorrow it will have color, I've been building, playing with cars since I was 14 (41 now) but nothing ever really shiny or nice. I'm feeling pretty good.

    Hatch is off because of the 4 I own they are all bad in one way or another. Bodyguy plans on picking the best one and getting it done next week.Name:  PXL_20221219_210133269.jpg
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Size:  59.8 KBName:  PXL_20221219_201826401.jpg
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Size:  71.5 KBName:  PXL_20221219_210144500.jpg
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    Default ho ho snow

    Happy Holidays to all. Stay peaceful, warm, safe, chow down, and have fun. Enjoy the times.

    Major winter storm arrived last night here in Metro Detroit.
    Prepared for staying home till next week. No holiday travel- too dangerous this year.
    Many times, had to go out in this weather for work, visits, or other reasons. No more! Payback time.

    Have no garage.
    Blue tarped the car and truck to minimize freeze up of doors, cowl area, and glass/glass channels.
    Bungees and magnets.
    Applied duct tape over door key lock keyholes and across top of door handles.
    Plugged in the Mustang's on board 1.5a battery charger.
    Had a block heater back in the 80's. Worked great, quick defroster heat, quicker start and shorter warm up.
    Have stock 195F t-stat, non-clutched fan, radiator, but temp gauge never gets past the 'N' of n-ormal in winter.
    Aired up all tires (8 Firestones). They were in the mid 20's psi. Truck gets 35#, car 32#. Spares are ok i hope.
    They can take up to 44 psi.

    TV weather said rain will changeover to 6-10" blowing snow. Got 1" so far with minor drifting.
    Temp dropped from 40F to 3F. Add wind chill.
    Friend's CV P71 door seals froze up. Said AAA was clueless on what to do.
    I said try lukewarm water, iso alcohol, Windex, vinegar, pushing in on doors.
    Many cars have doors that cut into the roof, exposed door seals. Fox doors rarely freeze like they do.
    Smearing silicone paste on door rubber seals helps a lot. Frozen window dews eventually thaw.
    Have covered the truck cab to bed gap to keep snow and stuff off the driveshaft.
    Can't do much with snow/ice packing in the wheel rim slots. Both are all about throwing off balance.
    The car's turbine rims retain little snow and protect the front brakes from weather pretty good.

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    I just finished welding up maximum motorsports subframe connectors on my 91 vert. Also noticed coolant on the ground..... wondering if the sub 10F temps popped a freeze plug

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    Default Oil Pan Fix

    I thought I stripped the threads in the oil pan but it turned out this tab was broken.

    Name:  221216_211106cs - Copy.jpg
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    I bought a new oil pan but the quality was pretty bad so I repaired mine using these weld nuts.

    Drilled a hole through the rear one and had a local shop do the welding.

    Name:  221216_210552cs - Copy.jpg
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