Went out grocery shopping this afternoon.
Started to get dark plus light rain. Had one more stop at another strip mall.

Noticed low beams were cutting on and off. Dash lights fine no flickering.
All four eyes and fogs work fine with hi beams except the ps fog light is out.

Later, left Kgr to head home.
Car ran like crap. Would not run under 2k, missing. Vac gauge read very low.
Had to declutch, clutch, pedal it to keep the engine alive

Got it home.

After 1/2 hour, found a large vac cap on the intake manifold was missing.
Installed a spare. Instant result ok.
The multifunction switch is only 4 years old but suspect it to be the culprit.
Lifetime warranty time.

Wonder if occasional run on after shutdown (am always ready to stall engine in gear) finally blew that cap off?

Now to check the fog light ground and bulb. Happened before (bulb ground in housing).
May have something to do with the low beams. They are connected.
Fogs switch off when brights are turned on via wire tap to low beams.

then add an intermittent network wire connection for internet. ok now.