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    Removed the thick steering wheel slip on cover.
    Lace on leather wrap under it is in great shape added over the factory leather wheel back in 2001.

    Drove to Woodward Ave shaded car cruiser watching spot friday and sat 7-10p.
    90's Hot and humid weather.
    The 20 mile drive there is a hot back sweating one, even with windows down on xway.
    Engine oil level is still full after 900 miles since repair.
    Car coolant temp stays at low end of NORMAL on gauge as always.

    Did notice Friday nite, after arriving home, a faint and familiar smell plus heat in the RR wheel well.
    Low on diff fluid? Hot pig? No leaks visible.
    Next day Saturday exited eway near WW after 20 miles, pulled into a parking lot, shut down.
    Took an IR reading of wheels and diff cover temp.
    Diff cover was 125F, three wheels were around 100F, RR 125F
    So figure its not hot gear oil but a dragging brake shoe and poss another wheel cyl.
    Forgot hot brakes have sort of similar pungent smell as gear oil.

    Totally enjoying driving the car again almost daily and am sure packing on the miles.
    Sight seeing changing scenery and attending events in other parts of town missed last few years.

    Missing out today on an annual all day cruise event and car show in the still good old neighborhood.
    Sit with friends and party a bit. Lots of cars, Good chance may see someone haven't seen in a while.
    About a 40 mile drive to get there. A hot drive, no let up once there sitting in the soup.
    Then load up and head home. House A/C, fans, off all day was not comfortable all night. A/C is on high today.
    Weather front with soaking 20 minute rain out there 5p will abruptly and prematurely end the event as usual.
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    When I bought this car it had a hood scoop from a '69 - '70 Mach 1 on it, and it ended up sailing into a ditch while doing some highway driving, so I put allen head bolts into the holes, and they rusted out, so I decided to just get another scoop. It was cheap enough.

    Didn't have any matching paint, so I just went black. Kinda matches the louvers. Looks alright, I think.
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    Started laying layers of primer on the roof so I can sand it smoothish. Sanded off all the rust yesterday. I had rattle cans mixed and charged using the paint code a couple years ago. I did the trunk lid last year and need to get the roof done. It won't be perfect, but at least the rust will be stopped. And the color will be close.
    The hood has a bit of patina, but I may well leave it alone.
    Maybe someday I will afford a paint job for real.

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