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    Default Hvac control issues

    My car is originally a 85 non ac car, the dash harness has been changed to an 86 ac/heat harness with controls. Not my doing this was done to prep the car for a efi 5.0, the heater box stayed the same non ac. I want the heater to work so i can defrost the windshield, but i have no power at the switches except for the rear defrost switch that has power but it's not needed as this is a coupe. Where should i start to find a fix for my issue? I have 12v at the 30amp fuse but no wire at the heater box nor switches show power, I'm stumped...

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    Fwiw, it's a good idea to put at least the general area in your profile.
    Working on cars in SoCal is often very different than working on cars in snow areas.

    Mustang Wiring, Fuel Injection, and EEC Information (Diagrams thanks to TMoss. Fwiw, I'm the lazy one that hasn't updated the web page to thumbnails - for various reasons.)

    Good luck.

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