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    Default windshield removal

    Found a good, original windshield at a pick n pull while out of town for thanksgiving !

    Will a 1980 coupe windshield work on an '83 hatchback ?

    Then, how do I take it off ?!?
    I've removed a Tacoma windshield before, but the glue/sealer in the Mustang seems different/harder.

    Tips/instructions, please....

    Happy Thanksgiving !!

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    Yes, the 80 coupe will fit your 83 hatchback. Removing without breaking will be the tricky part. I have both an air powered windshield blade and the ole manual pull type for windshields. If I am super careful I can remove a windshield without breaking it with the air powered one. The manual one, generally not so lucky. Most likely your best option is some heavy gauge fishing line, several sharp razor blades, a couple of wooden handles to wrap the fishing line on for pulling and patience. Upward pressure on the glass when trying to cut it out is generally what cracks the glass. Pay special attention to the corners too as it's easy to chip/crack those areas. I remove all the trim clips to make it easier to cut out. Basically you will need to use the fishing line to cut the adhesive all the way around the glass and then carefully push the windshield out of the car. I am sure there are some videos on the net if you have never done one. You can also use fine metal line for cutting the adhesive, but you are more likely to break the glass with the metal line due to its increase strength if you are pulling up on the line while cutting. That is why I would recommend the fishing line. More likely for it to break before the glass. Think of it as a fuse to protect the glass. Good Luck!

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    I broke mine so sorry i can't help lol
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    Thanks. I'm considering cutting the roof skin and sawzall the A-pillars.

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    The hood scope is gone, front side lights are gone, dash/instruments are gone.
    Forgot to check the side body moldings.

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    Youtube is your friend:

    Dang grab that nose if the price i right..
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    That appears to be a savable one. Damn shame it's in a yard.
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    Well, a crack started growing in the corner of the windshield so I grabbed the side body moldings.

    Not sure what the right price for the nose/bumper cover is but the side body molding was 57 bucks for the eight pieces.

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