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    Hello All,

    Has anyone ever shipped a set of halo seats and the rear seat? Trying to get a ROUGH idea of what it might cost.

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    I have shipped a couple sets of front seats via FedEx ground service.
    I split them (at the hinge points) and shipped flat with the seating surfaces facing each other.
    Removed the rear tracks (shipped with each respective seat, just boxed so they don't damage the seat material.
    Each seat (bottom and back) shipped as a separate package.
    I used heavy construction black plastic garbage bags, one for each seat, then added heavy cardboard to the outside for added protection.

    I don't remember the costs, it's been a while....
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    I sold a set of seats once, mainly for the covers. When I split them, I found the frames all rusted thru. I ended up pulling the covers and foam off and only shipping those parts. Made it much easier.
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    I've shipped a few sets over the years. Used Greyhound Express each time. Much cheaper than Fed Ex or UPS.
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    Fastenal has a shipping service.
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    Good hd cardboard can be found at big box home stores for one.
    Large appliance, water heater.
    Grocery stores, etc have much thinner and smaller boxes except for like banana boxes.
    Better to lean toward a bit of over pack strength wise and tight vs loose unless exact pack is known.
    Double boxing works if layers fit close.
    Pallet box cardboard was thrown away at work. A hammer only dents it pretty much.
    We used clear packaging tape at work. Just enough not too much. 3M brand is common.
    Duct tape, funky brown tape not nearly as good especially for larger say 15#+ items.
    Clearly printed labels are important. Gross weight was marked on UPS and FedX boxes.
    Other detail things like '1 of 3', printed pink packing slips. 40# is heavy for a small or medium box.
    Lots easier nowadays that shippers generate their own printed labels on the spot.
    Pallet contents are stretch wrapped or tied down with nylon strapping and buckles.

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