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    I have a 1986, Mustang LX, 5.0, 2 door coupe- as it came from the factory, 38,000 miles. I am the original owner. Recently, at the point of entry to the drivers side muffler, the pipe broke. I had heard some rattle within the muffler itself for a few months now. The outer sheet metal on the muffler appears to have kept its integrity. Thumping the case of the muffler, it seems to be still good on the outer skin, Inside is another story.

    Has anyone heard of anyone "performing surgery" on an OEM muffler where I would remove it, carefully cut the side of the muffler that is against the underside of the car- Design and manufacture new inside components, rebuild it. I had seen something like that done on Wayne Carini's show on Motor Trend on an early 1970's Ferrari muffler- I know a 1986 Mustang is not on that level.

    Any thoughts?

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    Unfortunately, one hole leads to another. The exhausts were coated or protected from the the outside so they rust from the inside out both pipes and mufflers. There are a few used systems around but most people don't want to take the time to remove them uncut. The body needs to be jacked up and the rear end disconnected to snake the exhaust out one at a time.

    I suggest posting looking for an original exhaust.
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