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    Default Vapor canister question

    Ok just got my 86 GT back after months of the guy working on it just dragging his feet. I had the egr deleted because Iím went with off-road xpipe. After driving around for a few days and smelling a lot of gas , I realize he removed my vapor canister when I didnít tell him to do so. So looking under hood I see one vacuum line that was for the egr. I see two additional closer to inner fender going toward front of car . Would those be for the vapor canister? I know I need a hose run from under the intake too. LMR sells the whole kit. I need to get this hooked back up ASAP. Thanks. Any pics would be appreciated.
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    Ok so after watching a video those other two lines went to the othe egr vacuum ports. So now i also understand how the canister is hooked up. But where does the purge valve get plugged into? Thanks

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    Great question, i would like to know that myself
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    Perfect thanks .

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