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    Default Adding a USB charging port


    Anyone added a USB charging port to their car? I have a remote BlueTooth receiver wired into the 4 speakers so the head unit is just for show.

    The lighter is for the radar detector, so I was thinking about wiring a round port one into the side of the dash or the center console. Anyone done this? Can you share pictures of where you mounted it and what part #'s you used?

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    one 12v power port is not enough nowadays

    added two 12v power points for gps, etc a while ago
    socket extension type
    are powered from a second fuse box i added behind the glove box.
    they are under the dash next to the console tunnel in the passenger well.
    Easy to use, acc wires are out of the way there, not on dash or crisscrossing anything.
    then have a 12v socket usb adapter that plugs in if needed
    had one hard mount type, mounted under glove box, but bracket kept coming loose

    will be adding another 12v pp in the back next to the hatch latch where the dome light switch used to be.

    in my ranger, hard installed two outlets in the console. console is larger than the mustangs
    one is a regular lighter socket, the other is from an 90's F-150 dash and has spring loaded cover.
    drilled out the quarter slot of coin holder for the lighter one.
    the covered one is low in the very front of console below the coffee cup holders.

    pic of socket. can be found locally or online
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    I bought these but havent had a chance to install yet. look pretty good . Thinking Ill place in ashtray, beside lighter.

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