Hey guys I am new here,

I picked up a 86 coupe with a 4 cylinder and auto transmission. Never done a swap before, but the engine and fuel stuff looks pretty straight forward. I have the engine, tranny, ecu harness/computer fuel tank/pump and dash harness from a 91 donor car (don't have the car). However, I think I am going to run into a wiring issue. I did not pay attention to the difference in the dash of the four eyes and the 87-93's. I saw in some of the other post about finding a 86 GT 5.0 ecu harness that should plug and play, however those harnesses seem impossible to find where I am. Has anyone done this swap without the compatible harness? and could they tell me what they did. Splicing in wires and such?? Pictures will greatly help as I am a visual learner and have been out of the mustang world for quite some time now. Thanks any help is appreciated.