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    Default Suggestions for new exhaust for a 1984 Mustang GT

    Hello everyone,

    Looking for exhaust recommendations for the '84 Mustang that is more on the quiet side.

    thank you

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    I put a new exhaust on my 84 turbo using Walker and AP parts. The muffler was easy for a single but the mid pipe and tail pipe were very hard to find. I believe I went with Dynomax Turbo and I think it's a bit too quiet.

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    I'll look into Dynomax and Borla, thank you.

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    For a 2.3t get the exhaust from Stinger. 3" down back through the muffler then down to a 2.5" tailpipe.

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    I have Dynomax turbo mufflers on my 88 5.0. Sound great and are not too loud. The sound they make at around 45-50 mph in 3rd gear (AOD) sound so sweet.

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