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    Default burned out,you cant buy headers that fit

    they cant make headers that fit.
    you can buy headers that dont fit and try to make them fit...
    4 hrs today with new headers from george at HCL HEADERS.

    im burned out,,,ill do details tomorrow....

    hcl not better than hookers i returned,,,long story...just trying to hang them on motor on the floor !!!

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    Default recap

    im too bummed to give a lot of details.

    if you go to hcl website and read it WORD FOR WORD like i did, talk to george like i did you will believe, like i did that these guys know how to make headers.
    very impressive...but not true.
    details,,,a brief report...

    out of box they look great, BUT the flange has been polished with a rotary sander,shiny and smooth,with faint dips and bumps i can feel ,and measure.

    on my bench i cant get all bolts thru holes,,,tight bends on some runners.
    engine on floor, cant get all bolts into head,,holes may need to be drilled bigger, dont line up...

    right side hits bell starter bulge. i warned george about the stick bell being an inch wider.
    Click to expand...

    i cut almost a half inch off bel and hammered the collector as much to get clearance.
    on monday ill check with a machine shop to see about surface grinding to get the flanges straight and flat

    im stuck with these but im warning you guys,,,
    you cant buy headers that fit
    in july hooker took back their $1000 defects...

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    So, stay away from HCL is what your saying.
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    website is impressive, talk a good talk but i see a lot of poor workmanship, no quality control.
    stuff that cannot be used without rework...
    mine still may not fit not there yet...i actually think they will if i get there.
    lots to do first

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    Just got a set. Don't have them installed yet but I test fitted them before I sent to the powder coaters. They are tight and will be a pain in the ass to final install, but that looks to be the nature of the beast when dealing with the tight area we have in a fox body. Happy with mine and think they look great after the powder coating. You do need to get the 12 point bolts with the really small head (can't remember exact size) to work with the flanges.

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