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    Default Fairmont 2.3 to 5.0

    Hey guys, I have a 1980 Fairmont Futura coupe with a 2.3 and a 4 speed manual. It runs well and keeps up with traffic but there isnt much going on when I put the pedal to the floor. I had a 1980 Mustang with a 2.3 turbo, 4 speed and TRX suspension earlier and I really miss the power (and handling)

    I'm considering a 5.0 swap and I was wondering what I would need, I know that the 5.0 fits right in a 4 cylinder model, but what about the gearbox, is it the same 4 speed the 79 Mustang and 78-79 Fairmont with 5.0 had or totally different? And what about the radiator, power steering pump and so on?

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    The radiator spot is the same size, just make sure it's thick enough to handle the larger motor. If you go through the trouble of a motor swap, install the correct radiator.
    The SROD 4 spd isn't so easy to find parts for. Why not swap to a T5? I know the T5 was different when behind a 4 cyl than behind a V8.
    Assuming you stay carb'd the swap is not super difficult or anything.
    What rear end? A 7.5 will last ok behind a V8, but don't forget it's there.

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