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    Default 84 Shifter and E-Brake question

    I have a 1984 LX Convertible and I was gutting the interior to see how the rust was while doing so I removed/broke the covers over the shifter and e-brake. It doesn't have a center console and looks like it never did. Where can I find replacement parts for it I've checked FoxRestro, LMR, AM, and CJ.

    once I figure out how to upload photos I will share them

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    The ebrake cover is the same one that was used on the Pinto/Bobcat and the Mustang II without the console. I have only seen those on Ebay though. You can find NOS ones as well from time to time on there. I am not aware of these being reproduced. The same goes for the shifter Bezel, that one is similar to the Pinto, Bobcat, Mustang II shifter. I am not sure if these are being reproduced either. Hope this helps some.
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