I have gone to EFI on my 1985 GT and thus have some parts available that I no longer need. Not too sure they all work as I have been without the feedback Holley carb for over 15 yrs but they all have only 110k miles on them and I see no reason why they wouldn't work.

1) Ford BCM Control unit (includes harness cut 3" after module) E5ZF-12B567-AA $40
2) Ford Cruise Control module 5Z EOAF 9D844 AA $35
3) Ford Electric Ported Vacuum Switch E1SE 8A564-B2A $25
4) Ford Shift Light Dark Grey Box E5ZF-12B528-AB $25
5) Ford Premium Sound dash power amp PN is unreadable $25

Buyer pays all shipping costs. Direct message me with any additional questions.