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    Default 86' GT roll cage?

    I'm about to get my ugly old car painted and I'm going to gut it so I can get the jambs, sunroof, etc painted proper. I would really like to put in a cage while I've got it apart. I don't plan on putting the rear seats back in and I'm going to try my hand at making a delete kit. My question.. If nothing else combats the idea is.. I'm looking at MM's four point with the harness bar and the diagonal brace. It's a bit expensive but I've got quite a bit of their stuff on the car and it's always been good. This is my daily driver/fun car and I'd like it not to be a pain in the fourth point of contact to get into and out of. My wife will barely ride it in now and if I have a cage to crawl over she's apt to tell me where I can plant the idea. Do any of you fantastic fellows have any insight on other options? I'm no opposed to forward running bars as long as they sit nice and low. I've got access to welding equipment and tubing benders... but yeah.. I'm not going to try my hand at making my own... Thanks and I hope all of you are doing well!

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    If you are just cruising with the wife, what is the need/desire for a cage?

    If you want some added safety from roll over, then a regular 4 point cage in the back will take care of that and not cause any entry/egress issues for the two front passengers.

    RideTech use to make the Tiger Cage, but it appears to be discontinued at this time. Was a bolt in deal, but wasn't a cheap option either $1000+ I think just for the 4 point and then add on the door bars, etc. Cool Design and might give you some ideas.

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    I am not sure if Maximum makes their own cages or has them made for them. Auto Power is the only other prefab cage mfg that I can think of off hand that I would recommend. They are generally more road racing than drag racing, so might not be what you are looking for. Good Luck!

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    Well, to be honest I don't get the wife in the car much. I seem to have scared her when I was getting the tune dialed in. She does make the random ride with me. I know these cars aren't built very thick. My car is lighter than my cousin's SVO from the same year by about 200 lbs. I'm wanting a cage for safety. I've had a few hairy interactions where I was just minding my own business and a guy passing lost it and spun into a bar ditch.. that could have ended my life. I'd like the safety of knowing I've at least tried to make an effort to walk away. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.. as a good friend of mine would say. I've got a light, crispy, torque monster. It's a lot like a go cart for an adult and I want to play but be safe. Thank you for your insight. That thing is impressive both in looks and in price.

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    Im thinking Win-Win things here.

    My truck has a Isiri floating seat for those with bad backs. ( I was taught back care by Precious MacKenzie and I don't have a bad back, but my two co-workers do) The Tiger cage can be used as a seat mount for a ride cancelling air suspended seat to take care of your back. That allows you to put extra strengthening under the seat by in car frame connectors. The seats no longer need extensive bracing with a cage.

    I posted a while back the seating solution. In 1975, soon after arriving back from Italy, long time Lamborghini tester got hit while in a T junction, Turnupspeed verses James Dean style. His wife was injured. Never can be too carefully with a safety cage, but without a crash helmet, the cage will have to be integrated with flat plays with Sorbathane padding to avoid head count death. One cage system that worked well was the Ruff Porsche 930 system...fully integrated. Do a Google on Ruff Porsche integrated roll cage.

    I think you can use the cage as a twin ride cancellation seat mount from where the rear seats are.

    Our earlier discussion was here.

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