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    Default Wiper control module interchangeably

    Got a question for you wiring gurus, so my 83 has the common problem of the interval wiper control module being bad, causing the wipers to be on all the time. The previous owner fixed this by jumping a wire off the fuse panel to a toggle switch which will turn the wipers on and off but I only have one speed. Id like to finally fix this problem and I was wondering if a wiper control module off a different 79-86 Ford would work as a replacement. I found a module off an 84 escort thats about $125 cheaper than one that came specifically out of a Mustang. The connectors and module are physically the same but the part number is different. Anyone have any idea if itll work? Ive already replaced the wiper switch on the column and the fuse with no change.

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    I can't say if the module will interchange or not. If your module is not working, then the simple fix is to disconnect it and just connect the wiper motor directly to the switch. The module literally just connects inline with the connection from the switch the motor. So you can disconnect the module and connect the wires directly. At that point you should have a two speed wiper without interval. I believe the current switch will still operate the wipers, but again only the two speeds. Not a fix for the module, but a better option than the jumper wire and toggle switch.

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    I bought one like you mentioned from another model vehicle and it worked just fine. I added this feature to my build project, plug and play.

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    I've repaired and/or added intermittent wipers to pre-87 Fox bodies by using parts from '83 to '88 Rangers. Should be able to find some of those still around.

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