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    Default Intake manifold hood clearance

    Iíve been looking for a mild upgrade intake for my 83í 5.0 vert. Iíve been looking at the weiand street warrior because itís on the cheaper side and Iím 99% sure itíll fit under the stock hood, plus Iím not looking to set the world on fire. Does anyone know if either a stealth or edelbrock rpm will fit under the stock hood with stock mounts? The 83í vert k-member (according to LMR) used regular coupe or hatch motor mounts and wonít accept 84í and on convertible mounts without modification that I donít really want to deal with. Iím planning on deleting all the EGR stuff and Iím more than fine with running a drop filter so I can gain a bit of clearance. Whatís everyoneís experience?

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    I ran the Weiand Stealth on my 79 PC with the stock OEM hood. No the cowl scoop doesn't give you any additional clearance.

    I do run the late model convertible mounts, but I don't believe it makes that much difference. I have been running the OEM 5.0 dual snorkle air cleaner on an Edlebrock Carb. Hope that helps.

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    Love my Edelbrock 3721 Performer. No clearance issues. This is the smog version and is out of stock at the moment. Summit Racing shows available 7/21.

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    You still looking for one?
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    There is no way the Stealth will fit under your hood if you have your stock air cleaner and hood pad and you want to run a phenolic spacer to keep the fuel in the bowls from boiling. I'm running the Weiand Street Warrior on my '85 GT convertible with a .25in phenolic spacer and factory carb aluminum heat shield and I have to rotate the air cleaner lid 180 deg to keep the stock hood pad from rubbing off the 5.0L 4V decal. But, I'm very happy with my combination with mildly ported GT-40P heads, Street Warrior intake, and mild Comp Cams roller cam (212/ 218 duration) (.512/.512 lift). Pulls hard to 6250 RPM (limited by MSD box) and NO loss in low end torque.
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    I run the Ford Racing M-9424-F302 high rise on my 85 vert with the stock air cleaner assembly, 4180c carburetor, thick gaskets, oem heat shield, a phenolic spacer, and the factory hood insulation. It clears fine and is in between heights of the Weiand Street Warrior and Stealth. The Edelbrock RPM is a tad taller that the Stealth though...
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    I run a Edelbrock RPM air gap on my 84 GT350. Stock Dual snorkel air cleaner fits fine with hood blanket too. Can't use a carb spacer though.
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    Good friend just MM tubular K member swapped his 86GT. He went with MM solid motor mounts. You will not believe this, but with a reasonable cam (his is a stock HO 5.0) there is minimal if any vibration inside the car.

    You can drop the engine pretty significantly with solid mounts too.

    Or worst case, space the K member to get more room.

    You should be able to pick what you want for an intake within reason then work around it from there.

    Here's hoping my RPM air gap will fit with my 85 air cleaner when all is said and done. (fingers crossed)
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